5 reasons why you need to see Titanic 3D right now…

I saw Titanic in 3D on the big screen this weekend. Needless to say, it was amazing. But, there are no words to sufficiently describe all of the feelings that it gave me. I have never loved a movie-going experience as much as I loved seeing Titanic in the movie theater. And where I did not get to see it in theaters the first time around (since I was only in second grade, I was deemed too young and had to wait until it came out on VHS so I could watch it at home), I knew I was not going to miss my chance this time around. To say it was totally worth the wait would be the understatement of the year.

So without further ado, here are the five reasons why everyone should be required to go see Titanic in 3D right now…

1. The big screen makes everything…bigger (and better).

Okay, not to pull a Mr. Ismay and become totally preoccupied with size, but this movie was meant to be seen on a big screen. I have always loved this movie from the first time I saw it on my 2 VHS tapes (yes, it had to be split into two tapes because the movie is that long), but watching it on a TV screen is not the same. Watching it in the movie theater makes everything that much better and more intense.

2. It’s one of the greatest love stories of all time.

You jump, I jump. I’ll never let go. Make it count. My heart will go on. This movie is the king of all love stories. A not-so-simple tale of star-crossed lovers aboard a doomed ship. You know the ship is going down before the opening credits roll. And that’s what makes Jack and Rose’s story even better. Their love is so all-consuming, so perfect that even if you’ve seen the movie a thousand times (and thus have cried a thousand times over the tragic ending), you still maintain hope that this will be the time when they end up together. This time the ship won’t sink. Or they’ll make room for Jack on the big door. Or the lifeboats will turn back in time. Or Cal will fall off the side of the ship and Jack will be able to take his spot in a lifeboat. And even when the ending is the same (because, sadly, they didn’t make it happy for the 3D re-release), you still relish in the little time that Jack and Rose got to be together because it was flawless, even if it was unfairly short.

3. Action sequences are cooler in 3D

Not to make light of how tragic the fact that ship sinks is, but the whole second half of the movie was so awesome in 3D. Things came flying out at you, water splashed at you…it felt like you were really there, minus the perilous danger. And this is coming from someone who won’t put the movie on tv if I’ve already missed the romantic part at the beginning. 

4. Leonardo DiCaprio in 3D…enough said

Do you remember how handsome Leo was in this movie? I sure didn’t. I mean, when I saw it the first time I remember that I basically fell in love with Jack. And every time I’ve watched the movie since, I’ve waxed romantic about how breathtaking he is in this movie. Titanic is the movie where Leo was by far the best-looking. In fact, in my opinion, his looks have deteriorated considerably since he played Jack, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is that he was beautiful as Jack in 2D, but Jack in 3D on a big screen will take your breath away, give you chills, and maybe ruin you for other men. And that’s a guarantee.

5. Seeing Titanic in a theater full of other fans will give you a nice, understanding community of people who will not judge you when you start to weep openly at the end of the movie.

This is about the point where I lost it. And so did everyone else. But it was in the comfort of the dark movie theater, hidden behind extra big 3D glasses, and so nobody cared or even noticed that I was having an emotional breakdown because Jack was dead. And no one noticed when I started sobbing again when old lady Rose died and met up with Jack in heaven (by far my favorite scene of all). And people were polite enough to pretend not to notice when I belted “My Heart Will Go On” from my seat during the end credits. So overall, it was a very enjoyable movie-going experience.

Perhaps this won’t convince anyone else to go see Titanic in 3D, but reviewing why I enjoyed it actually makes me want to go see it all over again. 

So I guess now I know what my plans are for next weekend. 

Throw your hands in the air and say, ‘hell yeah’.

-Captain Jack-


-Johnny Depp-


From the front to the back say, ‘we count stacks’.

-Davy Jones-


-Giant squid!-


Who needs a little laugh today? I know I do!

Guess who’s going to see Titanic in 3D on Thursday????

Me! That’s who! Needless to say, I am so excited.




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Just Another Music Monday…April 2nd Edition

Here’s a What’s New! look at the songs filling up the Hartz Chartz. 

Free- Haley Reinhart

Haley Reinhart’s debut single, “Free”, is one of the best examples of a post-Idol single being perfectly suited to the artist. It is not a perfect song, but it is a very nice showcase for that gritty, jazzy feel Haley brought to pop music. It is also easily accesible for people who have never heard her sing, as she isn’t showboating vocally on the song, nor is it too genre-y to frustrate main stream ears. I don’t know if it can make a chart dent, as the publicity has been next to nothing besides her Idol performance (which, historically, hasn’t done much for anyone other than winners and established acts). But the song is good enough, and Haley is talented enough, for this to put her on a long, successful path. 


Brokenhearted- Karmin When I find the person that figured out “Sippin’ on, that patron” worked as a verse, I will deal him/her a swift smack. It is just one of the lyrical nonsense filling this song, but despite of all that, I’m addicted. I reviewed this song as a SNL performance, and called it a well-done pop song. Its basically musical low-grade crack: very addictive, but very empty. Karmin themselves have substance, at least in their cover videos, but whoever is managing them has decided to that substance isn’t necessarily the way to go. That is neither good nor bad, inherently, and I’m enjoying the fluff so far. And its #16 on the iTunes chart, so I guess I’m not alone in that. 

Dance Again-Jennifer Lopez Let us remember the greatness that was “On the Floor”, because JLO is echoing herself with “Dance Again”. The beat is similar, the intent is similar, and the guest star is similar. Only now, its not a comeback single, its sustaining the newfound dance-diva cache she has made for herself. Pitbull namechecks JLO as “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World”, JLO says she wants to “Dance, and Love, and Dance, again”, and by that point you are off your feet. A song with a limited voice, produced vocals for fun dance songs featuring Pitbull, and a fun chorus is enough to be a hit these days. Its no “On the Floor”, but it’ll do. Summer song? Probably. 

Kids in the Street- All-American Rejects

With the soaring popularity of “We Are Young” and the hot online sales of Goyte, simple, low key songs are on raging for alternative artists. All-American Rejects don’t fit exactly into that mold with “Kids in the Street”, but they come very close. The lines about being high, running around, and general tom-foolery make this a prototypical anthem for the 18-22 crowd looking to hold onto that false idea of “glory years” for a little bit longer, but digging deeper it is kind-of a comment on the band itself. No longer that 18-22 year old garage band, their sound has changed from album to album. With this new song, it is very reminiscent of their older sound, kind of a low-key “Swing Swing” type anthem to youth.


Touch Me- SMASH Cast (Katharine McPhee) Written by Ryan Tedder, there is little surprise that this song is very low energy verse-high energy chorus (think Halo, Already Gone, any given One Republic Song). McPhee takes well to the song, sounding very good inside the produced vocals and outside of them, when her voice is left alone. It is a fun, but standard, dance song with a Marilyn Theme, yet the song is the best thing so far on SMASH so that drives it higher in my opinion. It hasn’t been released yet as a single, but I’m thinking SMASH is going to pull a Glee compilation album thing here so I’ll gladly wait.

Boyfriend- Justin Bieber Everyone who has read this blog knows my feelings about the Biebs. It comes from a place of complicated dislike for his music because, well, everything he does I feel like Justin Timberlake can (and has) do it better. So now, with this single, he is blantantly trying to fill that gaping hole in our lives that Mr. Timberlake left when he fled for the silver screen and SNL, and I have to say…it is pretty good. Not “Cry Me a River” or “Senorita” or anything like that, but it would have made the album. Beiber sells the hell out of this song, too, and the farther he moves away from singing like a castrato the more he is going to have to do that. America can forgive a lot if you are a good performer, and this is a start. I can see him putting on a show with this song that will kill. Slow clap for the Biebs. Slow freakin’ clap.

I am so excited for movies this summer. The Hunger Games was great. The Avengers is coming soon. Snow White and the Huntsmen looks awesome. Dark Shadows. And now…

How good does Brave look people? I really hope this is as good as Tangled and such, because I need a good new Disney/Pixar movie in my life. Pronto.  


Character Posters: Brave | EW

Stars…they’re just like us! They sing and dance to their favorite songs. I sing and dance to my favorite songs!

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I love whoever did this.

And let me just say that I think that this song should’ve been on “The Hunger Games” soundtrack.

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And my personal favorite:

And my personal favorite:

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